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"WILL YOU PLEASE STFU" [30 Aug 2003|01:32am]
[ mood | giggly ]

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I got my tattoo finnished today. Its gorgeous. Met some other girls getting their tattoos and they were pretty cool. One's name was Melanie. My tattoo was finnished pretty late 'coz it took forever for the other guys' tattoo to be done. Ummmmm, Ate @ Arbys. Sher showed up [coz i called and told her to?] but in she walks and I look behind her and I see a pollack. I was like "WTF?". She found him on the bus. He just wanted to hang out with us 'coz he wants us. :) haha.
We then go to 22nd street station where some guy decides its fun to stand and STARE at my tattoo. Like its like he was watchin a fucken solar eclipse man. It was funny. :) Ummmm, We heard some guy talking really loud but couldn't see him? So we get on the bus and whatnot and we sit down and we found the guy. He had to have been drunk or something 'coz he was almost screaming and I think he thought he was speaking at a normal level? He starts talking to the guy beside him and I swear they were no more than 3 feet apart and they're yelling. HI I HAVE A HEADACHE AT THIS TIME BTW, but theyre talking so fucken loud so Sher an I, every few minutes are like " STFU " or " OMFG STFU U FAGS" and we were going on about it fo ra while. Finally they hear us and they turn around and we start fucken arguing for like 5 minutes straight. GRrr I thought one of them was gonna come hit us too. He looked so mad. Anyways We get off the bus early 'coz we can't take them any more and we're waiting for my bus and a car stops and the guys start hitting on us? We deny them of course 'coz thats how we be. haha.
So we get home and I shower and wash my tat and Tracy [my brothers gf] messages me on MSN and asks if we wanna go to the PNE with her and her friend. We accept and for some reason I don't know why...I think something was bothering me but I had like...an anxiety attack or something. I was freaking about stupid little things and I dunno. So she shows up and we hop in her car and we're crusing downtown and this like Old blue camaro is like trying to race us so we go for it and we're laughing and stuff and they're ahead and then we're ahead and we notice that they're drinking...so we call the cops on them. You don't even understand how much we were laughing when we got out at the PNE and seen them and tracy realized it was her friends b/f. :) We walked over and Sher, Tracy and I were dying laughing and they're like "Wtf are you on shrooms or something?". Ok heres an even better part of the night. So Tracy, Her friend, Sher and I pile back into the car and go to McDonalds. Tracy buys us all food [so nice <33]Haha, We're pulling up to the drive thru window to get our food and the chicks hand was alread out the window? Talk about a drive by Fattening Up..haha k that was QUEER. We almost missed our food. =/ HI WE WERE SO PICKY WITH OUR DRINKS - Classic. <3 and we're sitting in the parking lot eating it. We notice a really hot guy walking toward the car and I look at Sher...And She looks at him than at me and we go...


And he realizes right away that its us. But he was gonna use us, and be all "Hi can you go thru the drive thru for me? 'coz mcdicks is closed?"...So we put the top to Tracy's car down, and he hops in and puts his arms around us [haha @ the guy behind our car gettin out and givin him madd props for bein such a pimp].And we go get his food. CIRCUMSIZED FRIES. ;) He was fucken wasted it was so funny. It was nice to seeeeeee him tho. 'Coz we havent seen him for a while =/ :( ANYWAYS

Thats my night. In a smalll recap.
Than we drove home with the top down, and Sher and I got hit on in the car? Ohhh...and my hair is all knotted, the end.
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Smile Even Though Your Heart Is Aching Smile Even Though Its Breaking [25 Aug 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | crappy ]

ErnErnErnErnErnErn.</3>always</b> will.

I Miss him More and More each day

Smile Even Though Your Heart Is Aching...Smile Even though Its Breaking...Collapse )

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[24 Aug 2003|12:59am]
[ mood | distressed ]

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[20 Aug 2003|03:31pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Holy shit I wanna look like this ;/Collapse )

Yeah like thats ever gonna happen now :/ :'( :/

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The Ataris - Between You and Me [19 Aug 2003|02:47pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Won't you come over?
You know that you want to.
How does it feel to know
I still want you?

Why do we always seem,
To want what we can't have?
Lessons learned.
But then I listen to my heart,
And it says still run back for more.

I'm happy for you.
I'm sure that he really loves you. [she]
But it breaks my heart,
To know I can't hold you.

It's just hard to think
I'll never get the chance
To say your mine.
But every time you hear this song
You'll know you've made a mark
On my heart and my mind.

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